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Glass bottle manufacturer Xuzhou Honghua Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xuzhou Mapo Industrial Development Zone, convenient transportation, highway, railway, waterway, the company was founded in 1984, under the control of supporting enterprises - bottle cap factory, mold factory, carton factory. Our factory has 5 automatic ranks of production lines, 20 manual lines a day of all kinds of glass bottles 800,000, the existing staff of more than 500 people,···

One-stop service

Provide design, production, packaging, transportation and after-sales one-stop service, so that you save time, labor and worry, honest cooperation。

Source factory

Own factory, daily production of all kinds of glass bottles 800,000, stable supply, wholesale price supply, no middlemen to earn the difference。

Processing customization

Can be customized according to demand, to map to sample, quick quotation, exclusive logistics delivery fast and timely, timely after-sales follow-up。

Reliable quality

More than 30 years old manufacturers, rich experience in production design, strict quality control, selling at home and abroad, trustworthy!

Choose Honghua, win-win cooperation

Spot wholesale

Factory direct sales, wholesale prices
   Various specifications, available from stock。


Meet customer manual blowing
   Mechanisms and other requirements。

Licensing service

Can be directly OEM production
   Meet the different needs of customers。

Rich in experience

More than 30 years of old manufacturers
   Experienced in design and production。

Timely delivery

Dedicated cooperative logistics
   Fast and timely delivery。

Thoughtful after sale

Dedicated service team
   Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service。

Honghua glass-Set production, sales, service in one of the strength of the manufacturer

Own factory, daily production of all kinds of glass bottles 800,000。

Factory directly operated, more than 30 years focus on glass bottle products, the existing staff of more than 500 people. The products have won the favor of domestic and foreign customers, and exported to Japan, the United States, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Australia and other countries。

Advanced production equipment, strict quality control。

Our factory has 5 automatic production lines, complete equipment configuration, many years of work experience of technical personnel and quality inspection personnel, product quality is strictly controlled, and strive to provide customers with excellent products。

Integrity-based, sincere service, win-win cooperation。

To provide you with one-stop procurement services and comfortable after-sales service, so that you save time and worry, long-term cooperation。

New product recommendation

Manufacturing with heart, rest assured of quality

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hand sanitizer dispensing bottle

square perfume bottle

beaker bottle

seasoning bottles 0570-0572

ketchup bottle

vodka bottle

wine bottles

olive oil bottle

bowling le Kou beverage bottle

feeder 0273-0275

Product center

Variety, spot wholesale

wine bottles

vodka bottle

pressing cup 7322

high white perfume bottle

square perfume bottle

can head bottles 0075-0076

cylindrical perfume bottle

Production scenario

Well equipped, quality control

News message

Honor aptitude

Honor aptitude

Why choose us?

More than 30 years old glass products manufacturers, product variety, reliable quality, selling at home and abroad!

Strength factory


Sample processing

Spot wholesale

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